Ivar Hillesland

Ivar Hillesland grew up singing hymns in the living room with his large family. Going to church was a musical experience that became a life-long passion. He has a particular love for simple unaccompanied songs, global church music, gospel/jazz, four-part hymns, and improvised chanting. A graduate of Yale Divinity School and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Ivar currently serves in Seattle, Washington as pastor at Church of the Apostles (COTA) and music leader at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. For many years, Ivar also had an early childhood Music Together school and taught preschool music. He has a passion for the developmental benefits of music and movement and is devoted to helping churches and young families find their communal voices and rhythms. Ivar also serves in the Episcopal and Lutheran churches as a congregational and intercultural development consultant. He is married to Targhee and has three boys: Olyver, Odin, and Orion. Ivar’s songs can be found here.

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