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Welcome The Reverb Collective blog! We hope to share our current thoughts, new resources and seasonal song/hymn suggestions here. We would like to start this blog off with a brief explanation of who we are and what we hope to accomplish through this website. 


We are a small group of songwriters actively writing music for spiritual devotion and congregational singing, who decided to come together and develop a hub to share our music more broadly. We are an ever growing community, so please check back periodically as we are gradually adding more artists and songs. Our hope is to provide new and innovative resources for those working in ministry and to create a supportive network and platform for artists to share their work. 


So why are we called The Reverb Collective, you might be wondering? Sonically speaking, reverb happens when a sound reflects off of surfaces, sending sound waves in all directions that linger at different lengths in time. Reverb adds so much to a sound experience. It can add warmth and depth and it sounds different in every single space. We love this image as it reminds us that what we create can be taken into different spaces, different communities, and those reflections can resonate and reverberate in their own space and context, creating something beautiful, unique and transformative. 


We pray these songs reverberate within you and your communities.

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